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Connect with industry professionals and build your own network in a new country

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Our program is designed by international students for international students.

personal development

Promote personal development opportunity for both mentors & mentees

career advice

Meet face-to-face with like-minded individuals and benefit from meaningful conversations


January 2020 Cohort: January – April 2020

The program requirement is 3 months in duration. However, mentors and mentees can extend their professionally mentorship beyond the duration if both participants desire.

  • Mentees application closed – December 6th

  • Mentor-mentee announcement - January 3rd

  • Kick-off event – January 24th at 6 -8 PM @7Gate Ventures

  • Wrap Up event – April TBD


Mentees must be international students, attending colleges, universities, language schools in Vancouver.

This program is for:

  • Students who are looking for career guidance and professional development advice

  • Students who are considering job seeking

  • Students who are looking to learn new skills and make professional connections

  • Able to commit to 3 meetings (in-person / call) during program duration.


Mentors must have

  • Have 2+ years of Canadian experience

  • Have International student experience

  • Graduated from university / colleges

  • Able to commit to 3 meetings (in-person / call) during program duration.


Mentors & mentees commit to 3 meetings per term.

Both mentors and mentees must commit to minimum 3 meetings either in-person or call throughout the 3-month program duration. This allow both mentor and mentee to discuss career goals, challenges and share progress in career development. In addition to the 3 mentor-mentee meetings, there will be 2 optional events for both participants to attend including facilitated Kick-off and Wrap Up events.

Our program includes Kick-off event in January where mentors and mentees meet in person and discuss mentorship goals & expectations. We also offer career development focused workshops for mentees throughout the program period to support career development / professional growth. Wrap Up event will be hosted in April where mentors and mentees have opportunity to reflect on the past 3 months and identify action plans moving forward. 


EMPOWER takes care of matching process focusing on industry expertise of mentors and career interest of mentees as well as personality and expectation capabilities. The process consists of:

Application Submission

Both mentors and mentors must fill in application forms with questions on career expertise, experiences, interests, availability and preferred location.

Mentees must submit their resumes and intention to why they would like to participate in the program. While we cannot guarantee a match in the program due to availability and matching criteria, we try our best to accommodate all participants. If your application is not successful, we will give priority to your application to the next cohort.

Application Filtering

EMPOWER review all applications by scheduling 1-on-1 phone interview with both mentors and mentees. After interview period, EMPOWER pairs both mentors and mentees based on criteria above.

Matching Announcement

Mentor-mentee match will be announced 2 weeks before a Kick-off event. Mentors and mentees have opportunity to meet in person at the Kick-off event and discuss mentorship goals, personal & professional interests and set expectations.

Application for January 2020 Cohort is Closed 

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